Masculine Men’s Face Care And Anti-Aging Series – How To Ace That First Date Part 1

If you’re heading for a first date, chances are you’re a bit nervous. Take a deep breath. Being informed and planning ahead are the masculine man’s best defenses against first date jitters.

Have a Game Plan

It’s important to decide where to go and what to eat. As a masculine man (and the one who asked her out) you’ll want to do the planning. You don’t necessarily want to call all the shots on the date, but you do want to know her preferences. It’s a good idea to ask her if she had something in mind. Be flexible, have a few options available and go over them with her in advance, so she feels like she had a say. Most women will admit that they want to be swept off their feet on a first date and that means that they want to enjoy the man’s company without having to make the major decisions.

Consider any common interests and plan an activity that you would both enjoy. You can begin by checking the arts/culture section of your local news sites or local papers for great date ideas. Remember that if a location or activity is boring, the burden falls on you to entertain her and keep the conversation going. If neither of you are into art, chances are that ceramic exhibit at the gallery downtown will have you both bored to tears.

Women love dates that are just a little unexpected – but not too bizarre or out of her (or your) comfort zone. If monkeys make you nervous, don’t go to the zoo, even if you know she loves animals. Don’t go sailing if you can’t swim. And try to avoid high risk activities like zip-lining across the Grand Canyon unless you and your date are both into action sports. You want to come off as fun and exciting, but don’t fake compatibility by trying to be someone you’re not.

Since conversation is such a huge part of the date, stay away from a movie or concert, unless that’s only 50% of the date. You want the chance to talk to her and you won’t be able to talk through the movie or scream over heart pounding music!

Choosing the Perfect Restaurant: It’s Not the Money, It’s the Experience

Choosing the right setting for your game is like walking a tightrope. It’s a balancing act, tipping too far in one direction can be disastrous. You might think that you should go with something super fancy – wrong! Super fancy will freak her out. It will seem like you are trying too hard to impress her, have an ulterior motive, or compensating for some obvious flaw in your personality. Avoid those places with over-attentive waiters and ultra expensive entrees – unless you have an undeniably excellent reason for it. When picking the right restaurant – it’s not about the money, it’s about the experience. She’s dating you, not the restaurant.

On the other hand, too casual isnlt ideal, either. You’ll look like a cheapskate. Or even worse, that you just didn’t care enough about the date to make an effort. You’ll also want to avoid chain restaurants by selecting something with some personality. Every town has a hip and trendy place that comes alive at night without your breaking the bank. It’s also a great idea to pick a restaurant that you are familiar wth, so you’ll feel more comfortable and in control. If you decide to try a new place, be sure to check out their reviews before you make the reservation, but don’t get too adventurous by using your first visit as the chance to try a completely unknown cuisine. You don’t want to find out on a first date that your stomach didn’t agree with you.

Pay attention to the ambiance – avoid noisy restaurants or bars. If you aren’t sure about the noise level of a place, read reviews online. One of the most common things that people mention in reviews is that the noisy level got in the way of an intimate evening. You don’t want to scream over a crowd just to talk to your date.

You can also look for a restaurant/bar combo, where you can have a drink and break the ice while you are waiting for your table. Or go for a quiet dinner and then hit another trendy nightspot for drinks. Whatever option you choose, make sure she knows in advance so she can dress properly. You want her to look good don’t you? She’ll be mortified if she’s dressed to the nines and you take her to a place where corndogs are considered a delicacy. Nothing mortify classy ladies more than dressing for the wrong occasion.

Well, actually, there is – and that brings us to how you prep yourself for the date.

First Impressions Count: Dress to Impress

It’s beyond embarrassing for your date, if she looks terrific and you look like you just rolled out of bed. Believe me, we know when a guy has put good effort into his appearance. A good outfit for a first date should be clean, without damage, wrinkle-free, comfortable and properly fitted, with matching dark color socks. Invest in a full-length mirror and check yourself out head to toe. If you wearing something newly purchased, be sure to check for tags. You don’t want to go on a date with your pants size stuck to your leg.

And Gentlemen – but don’t forget about body odor. “Stench No.5” will have us running for the door. Take a shower and wash your hair, and if you don’t have time, at least change out that sweaty shirt and underwear. If you are just coming straight from work, use clean wipes in packets (even restaurant packets will do), or baby wipes to give your armpits a quick wipe. Don’t douse yourself in cologne – you’re not a mobile perfumery. Remember to check your shoes and nails – both should be clean. The finishing touches tell the most about a person, because so many people underestimate their importance.

Finally, it’s time ot pay attention to your manly face – well in advance of your first date. You should already be on a men’s face care schedule, but this is especially true on the day of your date.

Your goal is for your face to look clean, fresh, and inviting. You want to tempt her to wonder what your skin feels like if she presses her cheek to yours. And if you are hoping for a goodnight kiss, a stubbly tired-looking face is bound to be a road block.

If you’re a guy who never washes his face, or thinks he can get away with splashing water on his mug, think again. Plain water or soap (don’t even think about it) steals your skin of vital moisture. It clogs your pores and doesn’t clean away the dead skin cells and environmental debris that the masculine man accumulates on his face every day.

The best way for your skin to retain collagen and elasticity (key factors in retaining a youthful appearance) is to put your face on the proper maintenance schedule. The first step is to wash your mug with a high quality anti-aging cleaner that’s powerful enough to get rid of the junk on his face, but mild enough so that his skin isn’t stripped of moisture. Drug store cleansers and body-washes are packed with additives, lack anti-aging ingredients, and don’t do much for your face, even if they’re cheap.

Step two is a treatment for your face to help fight fine lines and wrinkles. The daily shave and exposure to the elements can lead to skin damage and premature aging. You can reverse the damage with a treatment that harnesses the power of science and nature to save your masculine hide. If cleaning your face is the “workout”, the treatment step like a post-workout protein shake for your face. It will help your skin bounce back and feel better than ever.

Finally, make sure that you apply a masculine face protectant to complete the regimen. The protectant seals in moisture so your skin looks clean and fresh all day long. Much like the treatment, a high quality anti-aging protectant it’s essentially a force field that helps keep the bad stuff out – like skin-damaging free radicals and grime, but keep the good stuff (like moisture) in, and helps boost the collagen and elasticity of your skin. High quality protectants made with essential oils and nutrients will prevent your skin from looking parched and flaky – a definite turn off for the big first date!

Once your face is looking good, it’s back to preparing for the first date.

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Help Prevent Wrinkles on Your Face With Natural Skin Care Products

There are some truly excellent natural products that can help prevent wrinkles in a very effective way. The good news is that they are not more expensive than less effective skincare creams on the market.

You probably find it important to prevent face wrinkles since everyone can see them when they occur and then you’ll become very happy when you realize that it’s actually easy to stop disturbing age signs from coming.

Excellent Ingredients That Will Help Prevent Wrinkles
Some ingredients are much better than other ones when it comes to help prevent wrinkles, and you should obviously pick those that can provide the best result.

Cynergy TK is a very appreciated element that is proven to work very well on aging signs like fine lines and age spots. It builds up an invisible layer that protects the skin and reduces the fine lines.

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is another natural ingredient that can prevent face wrinkles very effectively. It’s very good to use in creams since it also protects the skin from UV-rays.

Another terrific thing to use in moisturizers is Phytessence Wakame. It’s an organic element from Japan that can sooth irritated skin as well as make it softer.

Things to Avoid If You Want to Prevent Face Wrinkles
I’ve already talked about good ingredients, but unfortunately there are some really bad elements used in many skincare products as well, and it’s crucial to avoid using them.

If you stick to only natural products you’ll be safe but other skincare creams often contains truly dangerous ingredients such as parabens and mineral oils.

They do make it possible for the manufacturer to keep them in the shelves during a long period, but they will also damage your skin and health condition if you use products with that kind of ingredients. It’s actually possible to get cancer by using creams with parabens in them, and that’s a very strong argument why everyone should stop buying and using that kind of moisturizers.

Care After Laser Resurfacing of The Face

Laser resurfacing of the face entails use of a beam of light radiation to deliver intense energy to specific skin areas. It is carried out in two ways; ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing.

With ablative laser resurfacing, the surface skin layer gets destroyed in a controlled manner wherein the lower, pink dermal layer gets exposed. The laser power is then reduced and used to heat the dermis to stimulate the growth of collagen fibers. This leads to the formation of new, softer and less wrinkled skin on healing of the wound.

In non-ablative laser resurfacing no skin gets destroyed. All that happens is skin gets heated up and encourages the growth of new skin. So as basically skin is burnt in laser resurfacing, lots of aftercare is required after the surgery. So here are some tips on the right after care after facial laser resurfacing. –

All the treated skin has to be sprayed regularly with Aquaphor cream. The facial wounds have to also be cleaned using Cetaphil soap and cold water every six hours for the first few days, and then twice a day. –

Aquaphor ointment has to be applied in large dollops to ensure the treated regions are damp. This prevents the formation of scabs later on. Despite doing this, if scabs do occur, don’t rub, scrub or touch any of them. –

Drink lots of fluids to help your skin heal quickly and look better. You need to drink about 8 ounces of water every 2-3 hours for the first week after surgery. –

If your treatment includes your mouth, take antiviral drugs like Acyclovir for five days after the laser resurfacing of your face.

Also take antibiotics like Keflex for a week after the surgery. –

Any prescribed painkillers have to be taken for as long as they are prescribed. –

Some people experience some itchiness about three days after laser resurfacing. For relief from this itching, place some cool ice packs on the treated regions. –

The skin may take a week or so to heal. Once it’s healed, regularly apply moisturizer on the skin to keep it moist and to ensure it doesn’t dry out. –

Women are not advised to wear any makeup for at least a week after laser resurfacing of the skin. It only damages the recovering skin. If required, use a mineral based foundation to hide any skin redness. –

Last, but not least, don’t go into the sun much for at least a month after surgery as the skin is very sensitive now. It is better to wear sun tan lotion of SPF 30+ when you go out to the sun even a week after laser skin resurfacing.

Follow these tips after any facial skin laser resurfacing you undergo for a speedy and safer recovery from the procedure.

Laser resurfacing is a procedure used in wrinkle removal. It is usually done on the face to make a person look much younger than they are by removing wrinkles.

Organic Face Care- Beautiful Skin Without The Chemicals

When it comes to looking great, people have tried just about everything to have healthy looking skin. Some of the stuff that was tried throughout history are known poisons and even did a lot of damage to the skin before they tried something else. Skin care and cosmetics companies quickly realized that they needed to test their products on animals before selling it to test for toxicity and other effects, but animal rights activists finally got that type of testing outlawed. The reason companies needed to thoroughly test their products is because of all the chemicals they use to make their products. But companies that make organic facial care products have a much easier time because all their products don’t use those chemicals.

It seems like just about every chemical in existence was tried at one point in time or the other. Even dangerous chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde were used in a variety of products, and many of the chemicals in use today makes you really wonder just exactly what these companies are thinking. And virtually every product made from traditional methods is packed with one kind of preservative or other. In order for their products to stay usable for as long as possible without degrading and breaking down, preservatives have to be included. With this mix of chemicals and preservatives in traditional products, is it any wonder people have skin issues?

Organic facial care products take a completely different approach. By using organics that are actually good for the skin, not only does the skin look and feel better, but it’s healthier too. This means that people who have had issues with skin types, from dry skin, oily skin or the dreaded combination skin may actually see their skin type normalize because the skin tolerates and even needs all natural products to be its best. Regardless of the product needed, being able to use an organic based product instead of a chemical based one makes for better, and maybe even easier, skin care.

And it doesn’t matter which product you want to use. Whether you’re looking for skin care products like exfoliates, cleansers, scrubs and masks, there are organic versions available. Even all the cosmetics like powders, bases, blushes, eyeliners, lash extenders, lipsticks and lip gloss all have organic versions available. The best thing about organic products is the fact that they do at least as good a job as their chemical filled counterparts, but usually do an even better job. Check out all the great products available and take better care of your skin with all natural face care products. You’ll be glad you did when you look in the mirror and see how great your skin looks.

Vickie Lexom knows that the most important part of her daily routine is using the right facial care products to keep her skin healthy. Pharmaca has a variety of natural beauty products, ranging from organic cosmetics to natural lip balms to body care lines and more.